Orders and trials
How do I avail the free trial?
Details of the free trail can be found
How do I place an order?
You can place an order by filling out and attaching your artwork to the order form. Which can be found . To avail a free trial you will have to sign up before you order. Signup here
How do I request a quote?
Click the request quote from within the order form..
Submitting files
Do I need to submit professional artwork?
As with every part of the digitizing process, the better the artwork, the better the final product.
All we really need is a relatively clear image with the colour separations.
Can you cope with a rough artwork or a garment to copy?
No, we do not accept rough artwork, a garment is acceptable.
How do I upload my artwork?
This will be done in your order form.
How do I know if my artwork is ok?
Once you have submitted your artwork, your artwork will be thoroughly checked and processed by our audit staff.
Your artwork can have either one of the following statuses:
Audit Check: Means that your artwork still under audit.
Check Passed: Means that your artwork has passed the audit and forwarded.
Audit Failed: Means that your artwork has failed the audit, you will be notified by an email of the error.
What is the most important Information that I need to send along with the Artwork?
All the important information is collected while you place an order with our order form, you needn't worry about that.
What is your turnaround time? When will I get my file ready?
If the artwork is perfect and has passed the audit, our normal turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours. However if you would like to have your artwork digitized in 12 to 24 hours, we charge an additional US$4.00 per design.
File Formats and types
Which type of artwork format is acceptable?
We accept the following file formats: .esp. or .ai (preferred), .jpg, .tif, .gif, .bmp, .pcx, .png, .dxf, .emf, .wmf, .pdf, .cdr, .psd
Do you except vector format artwork?
Yes, we accept vector format artwork such as .cdr, .ai, .eps, .wmf, ect. If you send us in CorelDraw (.cdr) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai), please be sure to convert the artwork from text to curves first. Otherwise we may not be able to read the same font that you have sent.
What Embroidery formats do you offer?
We can offer you all major formats a few of which are.. .emb,.dst,.exp,.cnd,.dsb,.dsz,.10O,.u??,.ksm,.t01,.t03,.t04,.t05,t09,.xxx,.sew,.jef,.hos,.pes,.pec,.pcs,.pcd,.pcq,.csd, ect.
A complete list can be found right here:
How do you ensure quality?
Our digitized files are designed by professional designers and are made to meet your each requirement. Our Free trial ensures that we are sure you will get your designs better than your expectations.
Downloading your files
How do I know my digitized file is ready?
You will be notified via email by our automated system when your file is ready to download.
Where do I download my files from?
Once your design is ready you will be emailed an invoice.. As we receive to the payment notification your design will be emailed to you.
The file I downloaded is a zip, what should I do?
Please download WinZip and install it. Once it has been installed it will automatically pop up and do its job whenever you double-click on a zipped file.
Can I use the digitized file on any fabric?
We specifically digitize a design with the fabric in mind. The fabric will dictate type of underlay, push-and-pull compensation and density that the digitizer must address in creating the design. If the design is going on a multitude of fabrics, edits for the other fabric types are done. Not all fabrics require edits.
Can I buy a design that someone else ordered before?
No, we cannot sell you any design ordered by someone else.
Do you keep backups of client’s files?
Yes, backups are available with in your account panel for 60 days.
Pricing and payments
How much do you charge for digitizing?
We charge by the stitch count. Click here for pricing.
How much do you charge for editing?
We charge per our price list. Click here for pricing.
How do I contact you? If I need help.
Contact details are here
Important news for every client  
Please check your order carefully before starting production.If you run your order without trying first sample so we are not responsible for any kind of loss.